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We Are Pratap Enterprises

We, at Pratap Enterprises, are committed to quality & product integrity of all our products which has resulted in trust & loyalty of our customers. We are committed to achieving customer delight through delivery of best quality products & gain a substantial hold over the market. We are dedicated to give our customers the ultimate advantage of Value for Money.

Every product is thoroughly checked and quality monitored at all stages of production as per defined standards by well trained personnel to ensure its quality, & high hygiene values.

The supervisors are well trained to carry out quality checks regularly for ensuring overall credibility. Under the safety policy in accordance with Prevention of Food Adulteration Act of India, priority is given to identifying & inventorying risks with the aim of production deficiency & checks are done to ensure safeguards against adulterations or use of synthetics.

Further, all our manufacturing is done in harmony with nature under environmental policy and no artificial means of production or artificial products or synthetics are used at any time in producing any of our products & thus maintains environment to the utmost.

Our products thus produced match global standards. A commitment that we firmly stand & honour.

~ Ujawal Kumar Singh, Managing Partner

Our Team

Khushbu Kumari: She is responsible for quality control. A visionary with the dream of making the company a distinguished name, her expertise in the spice world is unbeatable. Her rich experience and expertise and sheer professionalism have given Pratap Enterprises a cutting edge over others in terms of quality.  Her specialty is providing spices on a value for money principle.

Arvind Kumar Singh: He is one of the key drivers of Pratap Enterprises with an extensive knowledge and experience in brand development and marketing. His people skills and team building capabilities make him a natural leader. He has imbibed the drive and passion which is required to grow a company from strength to strength. He is an excellent team builder and consultant on personnel issues and organizational development. He has exemplary capability of turning around businesses with his determination and vision with his mantra “Let’s Do it”.

Rajesh Kumar Singh: He is one of the key drivers of Pratap Enterprises devoted for product development & manufacture of quality products of global standards. He is responsible for enhancing organizational effectiveness by implementing leading-edge initiatives in the areas of purchase, and new product developments. His determination and business acumen has already made a defining mark in running a business behemoth, which is a source of inspiration to any aspiring businessman. He leads his team of professionals, continuously raising the bar to ensure sustained high growth rates of production. He always sees life in a positive light & responds to confronting challenges in cool & calm manner.

Clients / Market Reach
With a dedicated team, infrastructure and brand identity of purity, we are serving our clients from vast geography of our country. Our market reach has been significantly increasing on our brand value. We leverage extensive distribution channels to sell our products.

Customer Delight
The Success Mantra for us.

Seal of Quality
We believe & ensure that our all products are good “value for your money” and we thus endeavour to fulfil this commitment as our primary goal.

The Uniqueness Of Pratap Enterprises Is On Account Of …

  • Consistentency in Quality at all times.
  • Only a pinch of the spice put in your food is enough to give its properties and aroma to the cooked food on account of its purity & quality.
  • The Masalas so produced are different and unique due to its quality of quick dispersibility.
  • Spices manufactured by us are high on freshness and raw taste.
  • Proper care is taken for Roasting & Blending of spices to enhance flavour by using sophisticated, fully automated state of the art equipments.
  • Heat Drying Treatment in spices to reduce moisture and contamination of spices.
  • Mechanized processes followed for end product spices include.
  • Mechanized Cleaning and Sorting of spices to ensure purity.
  • In- House microbiological and physical analysis of spices.
  • Steam Sterilization of whole and ground spices.
  • It has thus become a market leader in the domestic market due to its commitment to quality and on time delivery.

Pratap Enterprises manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology and is professionally managed. By virtue of our commitment to standards, our brand has established itself and regarded as a well-known brand.
New ultra modern machinery perfectly matches with our focus of producing inimitable range of quality spices . Our Spices are made from purest of ingredients sourced from finest of crops and manufactured under very strict quality surveillance.

We have well equipped in-house laboratory which ensures that all our processing is monitored and most importantly quality standards are met.

Our products are certified with various food regulators such as FSSAI, and is ISO – 9001-2008 certified.

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